Massage Therapy

Será Signature Massage: Our full-body Swedish massage is designed to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Includes Aromatherapy, scalp massage and hot towel treatment. 30min($50)/60 min($80)/90 min ($115)

Deep Tissue Massage - Our Signature full-body massage with deeper pressure. 30min($65)/60min($95)/90min($130)

Specific Targeted Therapeutic Massage-
 Focus on one or more problem areas using deep tissue and acupressure.  30min($70)/60min($100)/90min($145)

Couples Massage: Enjoy a stress-relieving Sera Signature massage with your significant other in the same room in front of the Fireplace! 60 min($160)/90 min($230) note: one or either can change to a different massage for an additional charge.

Prenatal Massage: A gentle massage for the mother-to-be that assists in relieving pregnancy induced aches and pains.  Lie face down on our special cushions! 60 min($85)/90min($120)

Addon Upgrades to above massages:

Hand/Feet Reflexology - $65(30min)

Foot Treatment- $50(30min)

Body Polish - $65(30min)

Hot Stones - $25